What The…..? Look What Dems Refugee Welcome Baskets Include! [VIDEO]

Conservative radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh have long claimed that the Democratic Party seeks to have open borders and increase the size of the welfare state in an effort to get more Democratic voters.

Democrats have, of course, denied this accusation.

They claim instead that they are acting out of compassion and empathy toward those who enter our country illegally.

Clash Daily reported how one Democratic group appears to be taking this “voter drive” to a new level.

Following President Trump’s executive orders issuing a temporary ban on immigration and refugees from several countries while vetting procedures could be re-evaluated, the Nebraska Democratic Party went on the Office center.

They started the Refugee Welcome Basket Project.

Baskets reportedly contain items that most households need including toilet paper, towels, dishes, and even diapers.

But one item in the welcome baskets is gaining particular attention. The welcome baskets include Voter Registration Forms.

Clash Daily points out how odd this is since refugees and illegal immigrants are not legally permitted to vote in the US. Only citizens can vote.

And a refugee must live in the US for five years and obtain a Green Card before they can even begin the citizenship process.

Nebraska Democratic Chairwoman Jane Kleeb denied any wrongdoing.

It is not illegal to be handing out voter registration form so folks start to get familiar with the forms,” Kleeb said.

Once they become citizens, it is our hope, like back in the day you would hear these stories of the Democrats in Ellis Island welcoming the Irish with food and a voter registration form, so it’s really that same concept.”

Kleeb said that the welcome basket also includes a letter from the Nebraska Democratic Party inviting them to Democratic Party events and making sure they know they are welcomed by the Democratic Party.

Kleeb even admitted to sitting down with new citizens from Somalia and Sudan last year to help them fill out voter registration forms.

She reportedly had to help them with every step of the process including where to put their names.

No doubt she also told them which party affiliation to check off.

Source: Clash Daily

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