Media Turns On Itself: USA Today’s Wolff SLAMS CNN’s Stelter…NAILS Him Over…

It’s interesting to see the left crumble at the recent election, and even more interesting to see how panicky Democrats and mainstream media members have been getting in the face of President Donald Trump.

For instance, a betting man might say at this juncture in political time that the left is pretty much regretting its attempt to paint any news outlet that disagrees with the mainstream point of view as a “fake news” organization.

Probably, the left about now rues the day of even mentioning the phrase, “Fake News.”

Why? Because Trump and his supporters have been so adept at turning the tide on the supposed fake news crisis to point right back at the camp of the mainstream media.

They show, time after time after time, how very complicit those from these news organizations have been in serving as a mouthpiece for the left – and not just complicit, but deceptive and aggressive.

Well, word’s spread and probably anyone asked in America to name a fake news outlet would say something like CNN before Breitbart.

This reality – and here’s the interesting part – is having a dramatic effect on the left.

As Zero Hedge finds: “Amid the ever-increasing virtue-signaling fanaticism of the mainstream media in their incessant anti-Trump (so-called ‘fact-checking’) propaganda, it appears the infighting has begun.”

“As The Hill reports, USA Today and Hollywood Reporter columnist Michael Wolff slammed CNN’s Brian Stelter on his media affairs program Sunday, telling the host he was becoming ‘quite a ridiculous figure.'”

Ohh, fight, fight.

Wolff said Stelter penned a “pious sermon about [Donald] Trump’s perfidiousness and nursing personal grudges” in a recent Newsweek column. And from there, the back-and-forth began.

Well, consider this an invitation to the fireworks show. Conservatives, for perhaps the first time since Ronald Reagan, can sit back and enjoy the crumbling of the mainstream media as it tries with increasing desperation to make itself appear relevant to the American people.

Voters in America already know where they can turn to for the truth: Trump’s Twitter account.

And it’s driving mainstream media absolutely nuts, so much so they’re starting to look inward and point fingers for their failing relevance on those in their own camp. Can you say juicy?

This is an “about time” moment for most in America who have been sick and tired of the propaganda press shoving lies and spin into the airwaves and onto the pages of newspapers for years now.

It’s like watching crocodiles tear at one of their own. Let the feeding frenzy begin.

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Source: Zero Hedge