EXPOSED! Radical Islamist’s ARRESTED – One Has This HUGE Tie To Obama, Whoa!

Barack Obama has been accused of helping radical Islamists for years.

Just last month we reported that Obama had ties with a suicide bomber in Mosul, Iraq. He detonated a car bomb killing himself and others.

What was the connection on that one? Obama allowed him to be released from Guantanamo Bay after only two years.

He walked out of there and went back to his evil ways.

Now, with six Islamists having been arrested in Bordeaux and Ile-de-France yesterday, it has come to light that again, there is a tie to Barack Obama.

World News Politics reported that the arrests were made “on suspicion that they helped other Islamists voyage to Syria to aid terror groups in the region. France terrorism is on the rise under Macron.”

“The suspects, aged 27 to 48, were arrested on Monday night and the early hours of Tuesday morning.”

“They are believed to have aided would-be jihadists with money and logistical help to get to Syria where the radical Islamists would receive training and fight for known terrorist groups.”

“The oldest of those arrested is a former inmate of the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Thanks Obama for that.

Absolutely right. His reasoning for wanting to close the Guantanamo Bay facility never made sense.

It seems obvious now that he wanted to infiltrate the world with these radicals to do more destruction.

He has been accused of being part of the Muslim Brotherhood for years, and more information keeps coming out as to the possible ties.

Those on the Left supported his efforts and still do. How they can’t support President Trump and his efforts to keep them out with his proposed travel ban does not make sense.

In light of all of the terror attacks happening in the world as of late, we need to take every measure to keep Americans safe.

Source: World News Politics

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