OBAMA: Denies Attacks…America Gives Him HELL!

President Obama’s said some crazy things in his eight years of leadership from the White House, one of which comes to mind involves his insistence, over the course of several months, that those who like their doctors can keep their doctors.

Or maybe it was those who like their insurance providers can keep their insurance providers.

Guess in the end it really doesn’t matter, because it all turned out to be untrue. Those statements were about as silly as the ones he made during the standoff with Syria when Obama kept drawing red lines for sending in the U.S. troops against that country and Bashar Assad kept laughing and unleashing chemical weapons.

The list of Obama Crazy-isms can probably go on for quite a length. But let’s just jump the gun and look at the Crazy of all Crazy.

“President Obama possibly said the dumbest thing he ever has,” the news blog Yes I’m Right reported. “During a news conference at Joint Base Myer in Arlington, Va., he stated that no foreign terror organization has attacked us in his eight years of running the U.S.”

Yes, you read that right. Feel free to take a break to laugh if you need to – go right ahead. Leave the room. I’ll wait.

Here’s a clip if you still need to see it to believe it:

Reaction to his remark was swift.

As Kevin McCullough of KMC Radio tweeted, Yes I’m Right found: “@POTUS Uh – Dr Dense … San Bernardino. Ft. Hood. Orlando. Recruiting Stations … Uh HELLO????”

And another tweeter wrote as the news blog found: “@POTUS What planet has Obama been on?? Oh yeah, I forgot that he can’t even utter the words Radical Islamic Terrorism.”

And that right there is the problem. If Obama would realize that radical Islamic terror is the root of most all terror attacks that take place around the world, and on any given day, then he would have to face the facts that radical Islamic members and wannabes carried out terror and jihad attacks on American soil several times in recent years. These terrorists and lone wolfs actually posted their love for ISIS and other terror groups on their Facebook pages; they screamed the Islamic jihadist catch-phrase “allahu akbar” as they were carrying out their assaults. What part of that doesn’t Obama get? Here’s the answer: the part that would make him realize America had become a terror hotspot during his administration. The Boston marathon alone would’ve tipped him off to that fact, never mind all the other places those tied to terror groups and terror cells launched their vicious Islamic assaults.

Source: Yes I’m Right