BOOM! NYPD Just DISOBEYED Liberal Mayor’s Order — He’s FINISHED!

Left-wing New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is a huge proponent of illegal immigration.

He has tried to act especially tough since Trump was elected, promising to defy federal law and maintain New York’s status as a sanctuary city.

However, while de Blasio has said he has no plans to cooperate with ICE and federal authorities on the issue of illegal immigration, apparently the NYPD will do so anyway.

As reported at the US Herald, the NYPD seems to be defying de Blasio’s “sanctuary promise” as they are once again cooperating with ICE.

The NYPD is supposedly alerting Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers about criminal court appearances of illegal immigrants that are subject to deportation, according to the New York Daily News.

In 2014, de Blasio signed a law that dramatically reduced New York City’s cooperation with ICE.

The policy prohibited law enforcement from honoring ICE detainer requests–except for those convicted of violent or serious crimes.”

Despite the law and the mayor’s promise, the NYPD will contact ICE if they discover that an illegal immigrant is facing deportation while in the process of verifying warrants against the defendant.

On such example of cooperation recently occurred when David Gonzalez, 51, was taken into federal custody.

He had been previously deported but re-entered the US and faced charges of allegedly rubbing against a woman.”

While the NYPD didn’t comply with ICE’s order to detain Gonzalez, they did notify ICE of his arrest.

After a judge released him, he was immediately picked up by ICE.

Leftists aren’t too happy to discover this mild cooperation, with many calling it “collusion.”

Actually, it’s really called breaking the law, which is what New York is still doing by refusing to detain these people.

Yeah, it’s nice that they might notify ICE about criminals, but the reality is, they’re all criminals.

So when federal authorities tell you to detain someone, you’re supposed to do it.

But it seems that violating the law because of one’s leftist beliefs makes it perfectly acceptable.

Trump and Sessions should maintain their hardline against sanctuary cities.

They must be brought to heel for their crimes against citizens.

America first is the law of the land, and if you don’t like it, you should pack your bags and get out.

Source: US Herald