New PROOF Hillary and Comey Are GUILTY! It’s OVER, Folks! 

Despite the thousands of Hillary, Podesta, and DNC emails that have been spilled across the web, the left-wing media refuses to acknowledge the depths of the Left’s political corruption.

No matter how damning the evidence, it’s always dismissed for one reason or another, never enough to get the media to admit folks like Clinton are what’s wrong with the US.

But that hasn’t stopped internet sleuths and investigators from searching for the smoking gun, for evidence that’s so compelling, that no amount of spin and propaganda could ever dismiss it.

Well, it looks like that evidence may have been found.

As reported at Anonymous News, former FBI Director James Comey previously exonerated Hillary for her email server crime because he no evidence was found that showed Hillary “intentionally” committed a crime.

That excuse, to any person with a room temperature IQ, is absurd no matter how you slice it, but it’s what he used to get her off the hook.

However, after a lot of digging through the deluge of emails dumped by Wikileaks, it appears that proof has been found that Hillary was very aware that what she was doing was illegal.