Comey Unlawfully Removed Documents, Mission To Recover Files Now On

The Comey saga continues to drag on, as new evidence has emerged that once again proves he was working behind the scenes to exonerate Hillary Clinton.

Since Comey admitted that one the people leaking classified intelligence was himself, Republicans and Trump have been on the warpath to investigate Comey and hold him accountable for his crimes.

Thanks to the fantastic work done by Judicial Watch, it appears that they now have another excuse to pursue a lawsuit against the former FBI director.

As reported at Conservative Tribune, Judicial Watch claims that Comey violated the Federal Records Act and has says they’ll file a lawsuit if the FBI refuses to cooperate on the matter.

As you may be aware, the Federal Records Act imposes a direct responsibility on you to take steps to recover any records unlawfully removed from the FBI,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton wrote in a letter to acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

Upon learning that records have been unlawfully removed from the FBI, you then are required to initiate action through the Attorney General for the recovery of records,” the letter continued.

Fitton is referring to the mythical memos that Comey said he meticulously crafted after each meeting with Trump.

These notes are the basis for all his attacks against Trump, as he’s said he detailed everything the president said, including the supposed attempts to “intimidate” him to drop the Flynn investigation.

The content of these memos are classified, assuming they exist, yet Comey admitted the following during his testimony.

“I asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter–I thought that might prompt the appointment of special counsel,” Comey said while under oath.

We’re looking to get action on the records that Comey unlawfully took from the FBI, and we know initially there are memos, but depending on what the nature of the documents are, there could be liabilities for Mr. Comey,” Fitton said, according to Fox News.

Comey has since been asked to turn over these memos, but he claims he no longer has them because he deleted them off his computer.

Yeah, right. The may not even exist as he said, but if they do, there’s no way he would ever delete them, as it makes zero sense.

Investigators have been forced to shake down his “friend” to see if he has copies of the memos. Supposedly, he’s cooperated and turned over what he has, but we still don’t know the contents.

This traitorous act by Comey is unforgivable. What kind of message does it send when the FBI director leaks his closed-door discussions with the president to the press?

An investigation must be pursued against Comey, not only for this, but for his handling of the Clinton email investigation.

Justice must be served and example made to deter this kind of illegal behavior in the future. Or else we risk every leftist moron in the government leaking intelligence and undermining our security and president.

Source: Conservative Tribune