Maxine Literally Took Off Running In Fear When Asked 1 Question About Russia

The Trump presidency has encouraged all the cockroaches in the Democratic Party to come out of hiding.

They’ve been scurrying from one media event to another, trying manufacture controversies to undermine the president.

One of the particularly vile folks participating in the Trump Outrage Olympics is the clown Maxine Waters.

This woman has been disgracing Congress with her presence for decades, always pushing for anti-American, left-wing policies.

However, it appears that she’s found a new calling since Trump took office.

As reported at Joe for America, Maxine has become a Democratic superstar in recent months, as she’s been leading the charge to have Trump impeached.

She’s been traveling the country, holding all sorts of events and fomenting hatred to her sycophantic liberal supporters.

But all her criticism of Trump has caused conservatives to start digging into her past, and what they’ve found shows that she has some Russia connections of her own.

At a recent protest in Los Angeles, a prominent YouTube reporter decided to ask Maxine about her ties to Russia.

While posing for a photo with her, he then asked Waters about her $200k in Russia-linked retirement accounts that came to light recently.

She wasn’t too pleased about the question, as she yelled at the man That’s a lie! and then literally ran away before he could ask another.

Waters is no stranger to hypocrisy or using her position in Congress to enrich herself.

Back in 2012, she narrowly avoided reprimand after a 3-year House Ethics Committee investigation found that she funneled $12 million in bailout funds to her husband’s bank.

While she somehow keeps getting reelected, signs have begun popping up in her district calling her a “poverty pimp” and “race baiter.”

Because that’s all this woman can do, accuse others of racism and unprovable crimes, while in secret, she accumulates wealth off the back of taxpayers and commits the very “crimes” she accuses others of.

Auntie Maxine is criminal, and if you or I committed half the crimes she has, we’d be rotting in prison.

But because she’s an “elite” in Congress, she can get away with stealing millions in tax dollars with barely a slap on the wrist.

That’s the sorry state our politics have been in, but there’s still hope the Trump administration can restore the accountability our nation is sorely lacking.

Source: Joe for America