Far Left Judge BLOCKS Trump’s Refugee Ban…Custom Agents’ EPIC Response STUNS Everyone!

From day one of the new term, the left has been shaking in its boots, afraid that Trump will actually do what he promised.

And now that he has, they are in full meltdown.

The politically-entrenched just can’t get it through their heads that the days personal political agendas are over. The “Make America Great Again” philosophy that puts hard-working Americans first has taken root.

The latest outrage from the left is over Trump’s travel ban on refugees from seven countries with known terror ties.

Trump’s recent executive action directs customs agents to keep out most travelers from those seven countries.

But now a liberal New York judge has ordered customs to suspend enforcement.

The reaction of customs agents to this order?

“Yeaaaaaah, no, not so much.”

So here comes the American Civil Liberties Union, filled with shock and outrage.

“Attorneys for the ACLU are claiming that federal customs agents are defying a court order from a judge over President Trump’s travel ban for refugees from certain countries. They claim the agents are ‘siding’ with President Trump. Yep, they are siding with the rule of law and the President. Not some rogue judge who is defiant,” Right Wing News reported.

The customs agents are no doubt on the side of right. The ban isn’t going away, no matter how much the ACLU cries about so-called rogue customs’ agents who are forcing people from these seven nations to get back on their planes and depart the United States.

This is all smoke and mirrors.

A judge from Brooklyn can’t overturn Trump’s order to federal agents. And an ACLU attorney or two, no matter how much they’re angered at the order, can’t sue to stop federal agents from simply doing their jobs.

In the end, what’s going to happen is a massive media campaign to go find the most innocent-looking traveler – a pitiful-looking mother and baby, or wide-eyed toddlers grasping her fearful father’s arms, for instance – to show just how supposedly destructive Trump’s immigration ban is to the vulnerable.

But the media forgets that the American people are behind Trump on the border crackdown. The American people are sick and tired of living in fear of the fact an ISIS-tied terrorist can simply sneak into America through the porous borders or fly into one of the nation’s airports to attack us where we live.

The fact that Trump might be inconveniencing some travelers by putting America’s safety and security first is unfortunate, but must be weighed against the security of 330 million innocent Americans. Finally, we have a president willing to do that!

Source: Right Wing News