Look What Everyone Missed In Charlottesville “Rampage,” This Changes EVERYTHING

The chaos that erupted in Charlottesville will be dissected by the media for a long time.

People on all sides will discuss the horrible moment when a driver drove his car into a crowd of protesters.

While people are claiming his did this intentionally, new video has surfaced that proves something else might have happened.

From Allen B West:

Lo and behold new video has surfaced and pre-existing video more closely studied that may indicate Fields was under attack when he mashed the gas pedal and just maybe was in fear for his own life.

Besides Fields himself, none of us knows the truth here but at least one website, Department of Memes, has dared to present a possible alternative narrative:

“On August 12, a driver drove his vehicle into a crowd of “anti-racist” protesters, killing one woman and injuring 19 other individuals. The suspect has been identified as James Alex Fields, Jr.

Department of Memes reported that police officers in Charlottesville believed the driver was not acting maliciously, suggesting he was scared by the protesters on every side of his vehicle and he did not know what to do…

Citizen researchers have slowed the video down and spotted an African American individual hitting the car with what appears to be a baseball bat before the suspect hit the crowd with his vehicle.

One such video posted to Streamable shows the driver slowing down, then accelerating quickly after his rear bumper is struck with the baseball bat.

Another video posted to 4chan’s /pol/ seems to examine the chain of events that led to the collision. It suggests that the driver was behaving normally, until his vehicle was attacked.

This new angle suggests that Fields, the driver, might not have been acting maliciously. That he was caught in the middle of a terrible situation, was attacked, and panicked.

But don’t expect the media to approach this story with that level of objectivity. The fake news will railroad this suspect as a hateful, vengeful killer. Someone they can attach to anyone they don’t like—passing the blame to the rest of us.

The only chance for the truth to prevail is for lawyers and law enforcement agencies to review this footage objectively and effectively. Only then will we know for sure what transpired.

Source: Allen B West