Congress Demands Comey Turn Over Damning Memos…His Response Has Americans Furious! 

Former FBI Director James Comey just refuses to do the right thing and tell the whole truth.

The man is a slave to his masters Obama and Hillary, as well as his poisonous left-wing beliefs.

He had the opportunity to spill the beans during his long-awaited testimony, but instead, he told half-truths and protected his comrades.

But in protecting them, he also outed himself as a criminal leaker, and Congress is moving to hold him accountable for his treasonous acts.

As reported at the Angry Patriot Movement, Comey admitted that it was he that leaked memos of his private conversations with Trump.

These memos, Comey claims, are detailed notes he keeps of all his interactions with the president and other important figures.

But the funny thing is, Comey didn’t take notes while talking with Obama, and he definitely didn’t write down what was said between him and Loretta Lynch when she strong-armed him into protecting Clinton.

Now, Comey is being asked to present the memos to the Senate Intelligence Committee as evidence.

But there’s just one problem–he conveniently claims he no longer has any copies of them.

He’s saying he deleted them from his computer, which is an absurd claim, considering that in general, one would likely keep notes of their conservations with a president just because.

And since they’re the source of all the claims he’s made in recent months, as it’s the evidence he cites to bolster his claims.

Since Comey claims he has no copies, an official request has been made for Daniel Richman, a confidant Comey passed the memos to so he could then leak them to the press, to produce his copies.

So far, Richman has not produced.

It appears Comey learned a lot from the Hillary email investigation. When in trouble, just delete the evidence.

These memos have been the primary source for many of the hit pieces the liberal media has run against Trump.

Yet nobody has seen these mysterious memos, only listened to Richman recite what they supposedly say from memory.

But they’ve been treated as Gospel truth. Now that Congress wants to see this all-important evidence, they’re nowhere to be found.

I think we all know why that is. They likely never existed in the first place, or, they contain plenty of evidence that undermines what Comey’s been saying.

There’s no other reason to delete them, especially when you’re about to be given a $10 million book deal to recount the recent ordeal.

Those memos, one would think, would provide lots of juicy, primary sourced material that’d make the book sell like hot cakes.

It’s unthinkable to delete them if they ever existed and actually reinforce the claims he’s been making.

So there are only two conclusions to be made.

But don’t expect the leftist press to honestly analyze this turn of events.

Liberals have said that with all the smoke surrounding the Trump-Russia investigation, that there must be a fire.

Well, this Comey revelation is already looking like a raging inferno.

Source: Angry Patriot Movement