CA Schools FORCE Sharia Law On Students, This Dad Went BALLISTIC! [VIDEO]

It doesn’t take much for the ACLU to show up after hearing about a student, parent or teacher who dared to pray before a high school football game or a school that allowed a moment of silence before school each day so that students can pray.

But they are nowhere to be found when a liberal agenda is being pushed forward.

Take San Diego for example. Proponents of a new curriculum pushed their ideas through the school board and onto unsuspecting students and parents without any input. Now they are getting an earful.

According to Angry Patriot Movement, a San Diego, California father has had enough. He refused to leave a school board meeting yelling, “You’re gonna have to drag me out of here!” So, what made this father so angry?

The father was speaking before the school board on behalf of Citizens for Quality Education. The school board was attempting to finalize an anti-bullying measure that promotes Sharia law in the public schools.

A father argued that the teaching of Islam had become a required topic for students at his child’s school. Parents were not notified ahead of time, and he was not given the option to have his child exempted from this instruction.

The father proposed making it an elective rather than required material.

The school board “claimed that Islamic students are the victims of widespread bullying and that the only way to stop the bullying is by teaching Islam in schools.”

One school board member spoke of students being spat upon and their head coverings being pulled off.

Citizens for Quality Education argued that there is no evidence of such widespread bullying. And even if it were occurring, teaching Islam and Sharia law to students is not the answer, especially considering the source.

“The supposed anti-bullying curriculum is being funded, and lobbied for, by the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).”

CAIR is a Muslim advocacy group that attempts “to grant Muslims special privileges under the guise of religious freedoms in an effort to extend Sharia law. CAIR reportedly also has links to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

One parent pointed out to the school board that statistics show that anti-Semitism is on the rise in the region not anti-Muslim sentiment.

Liberals cry foul any time God or Christianity are mentioned in a public setting. Yet, we see the hypocrisy here as another religion is granted special privileges and instruction.

Where is the ACLU? Why are they not screaming about separation of church and state on this one?

Source: Angry Patriot Movement


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