WHOA! This State Requires Food Stamp Recipients to Work…The Undeniable Result!

Here’s a thought – how about make food stamp recipients participate in some sort of program to make sure they’re actually trying to obtain employment, and not wasting taxpayer dollars?

Something, say, that instills accountability and manages tax dollars properly?

What a concept.

But wait, what’s that? Some state governments are actually doing that?

Perish the thought.

“Arkansas is the latest state to figure out that you shouldn’t waive work requirements for those on food stamps. Last year, they implemented work requirements in order to receive food stamps and when they did that the number of people getting benefits dropped by 25,000. There is a three-month limit on food stamps unless you are enrolled in educational courses or you are in a job training program,” the blog Right Wing News wrote.

The first 9,000 were actually dropped from the food stamp rolls on April 1. And between April and the end of 2016, another 15,000 more lost their benefits.

Progress, right?

About 10 states have similar provisions in place. And what they’re finding is – shock of all shocks – their drop-off rates are dramatically rising. Or, another way to look at it: The amount of money saved taxpayers from food stamps is dramatically rising.

“Because of the 10 states that enacted the food stamp requirements, roughly 773,000 fewer people received food stamp benefits in April than they did in March, which the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities said was ‘the largest one-month drop since temporary disaster benefits for Hurricane Katrina victims ended in 2005,'” Right Wing News reported.

In layman’s: Socialism doesn’t work. This is the proof.

“Not all people, but many, go on welfare and food stamps simply because they don’t want to work. These programs are meant as a safety net for those that find they have fallen on hard times, but who still want to eventually work. It’s not a bottomless freebie buffet,” the news blog said.

Right. And making recipients accountable is one speedy way to weed out the do-nothings from the hardship cases. Not brain surgery, people.

Source: Right Wing News