VIDEO – Gowdy Gets ATF Agent To Spill His Guts On Obama! The More He Hears The Madder He Gets! 

Conservative bulldog, Trey Gowdy, is one of the few people in Congress we can trust to fight the Left.

The man’s relentless in his pursuit of the truth and his takeover of the House Oversight Committee is a massive victory for those who value accountability.

Gowdy’s been busy with all sorts of investigations over the years, but there’s one in particular that conservatives are especially interested in, that being Obama’s gun-running scheme Operation Fast and Furious.

As reported at the Angry Patriot Movement, while speaking to an ATF agent at a recent committee hearing on the failed operation, Gowdy plainly stated, This might be the stupidest idea I have ever heard.”

He’s referring to the plan for the ATF to sell weapons to cartels, hoping that they’d be able to trace their use and eventually work their way up the cartel food chain.

Of course, it was a foolish and dangerous idea, one that got a Border Patrol agent killed.

But Fast and Furious also served a more sinister purpose, to increase the amount of gun violence to make the public more accepting of stricter gun laws.

Gowdy made the ATF agent, John Dodson, squirm in his seat, as he was forced to spill the beans about the idiotic operation.

Dobson explained that as the proposal for the gun-running scheme slowly made it’s way up the chain of command, he always expected it to eventually get shut down, but to his surprise, it never was.

Instead, it continued getting approval, despite the fact that, as he said, it was completely alien for the ATF to be allowed to do anything like they were doing.

I always thought as soon as we got to the next level, somebody’s going to shut it down,” Dodson said.

He added that he had no idea who it was that was giving the constant green light. But we know the answer: Obama and Eric Holder.

It was all part of their two-pronged scheme to push for gun control and to foolishly track cartels by arming them.

And the price paid for their pathetic operation was the life of Brian Terry.

Despite his murder and the egregious nature of the program, no one has been held to account for it.

It appears that the clowns in the ATF and/or their bosses up the chain of command, can get away with anything, no matter the cost.

However, with Gowdy in charge of government oversight, that’s all about to change.

Source: Angry Patriot Movement