Look Who Is Trying To Change The Constitution, And May Succeed

The United States is currently embroiled in an ideological tug-of-war, which was made evident in the last election.

It seems the nation is becoming more politically polarized every single day, as folks move both further to the left and right.

Conservatives especially see their influence waning as the demographics change and the culture drifts to the Left.

This is why many red states have decided they must act now and construct roadblocks that might prevent future tyranny of any kind, especially from the far-left.

These states are acting by passing legislation calling for a Constitutional convention, so once and for all, new amendments can be erected to place stricter limits on the government.

Funding this movement is one of the biggest GOP donors, the Koch brothers, whom are often made out to be evil boogeymen by the Left. In reality, they just want smaller government.

As reported at MSN, the Koch brothers are using their billions to convince states that it’s time for them to call for a convention.

Over 30 states have seen strong pushes to call for a convention, with a dozen already passing the proper legislation to do so. On Wednesday, Wisconsin could be the 13 state on the list.

The Koch brothers have been instrumental in eliciting support for these measures, as they’ve been backing candidates and splashing money on advertisements to accomplish this feat.

But we’re still quite away from the required number of states. At least two-thirds, or 34 states, will have to call for a convention for it to take place.

And even if it does happen, any proposed amendments will then have to be ratified by three-fourths, or 38 states, to become law. That hasn’t happened since the original convention in 1787.

In Wisconsin, Republican Senator Chris Kapenga introduced the measure, which is supported by Governor Scott Walker. Kapenga explained why he thought such a move was needed saying:

For the country to continue spending at this rate, where revenues are exceeding expenditures consistently, is not sustainable.”

“Whether it’s Democrats or Republicans in charge in Washington, it’s not getting fixed, and no solutions are being proposed to deal with it…I think this is the only option left.”

An amendment that limits government spending is a popular idea amongst convention supporters. As is the possibility of Congressional and even Supreme Court term limits.

Needless to say, the prospects of a convention are slim at the moment, but there’s no telling what the next few years have in store.

With the left-wing insanity reaching a fever pitch, states might start jumping on the bandwagon as we near 2020 especially if it looks like a liberal might defeat Trump.

A convention is sorely needed. Our government has gotten out of control, whether it’s career politicians allowing agencies to spy on us or spending our children’s futures away, something has to be done–soon.

Source: MSN