TRUTH BOMB! Military On Obama…Exactly How They Feel Exposed!

Conservatives, it’s true, can’t wait to see President Obama leave office.

Neither can libertarians, patriots, tea-party types, those who favor border controls, Big Business, Small Business, those with sane views of the environment and climate change – well, you get the message. The list does go on.

But here’s a new segment of America’s population that’s just weighed in on his last eight years. And you could probably just go ahead and pop them to the “Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out” list, as well.

There’s this, as Right Wing News noted: “A new poll reveals that more than half of all service members hold an unfavorable opinion of their Commander in Chief.”

Well, small surprise there, right? The military traditionally leans right on the political scale.

But these numbers are pretty blunt. The poll showed that 49 percent in the military voted for Donald Trump and only 29 percent for Hillary Clinton. You could call that the Trump effect. But you could also call that the Obama effect. In other words, Obama was so bad a commander in chief for the military that soldiers, sailors, Marines and others who serve in such capacity didn’t want to take a chance on another Democrat.

After all, Obama did cut military services by about 71 percent.

But more than that, Obama used the military as his sort of personal test ground for progressive policies. Think how under Obama, for example, how the whole issue of transgenderism has been received – that the whole LBGTQ movement has become a matter of military concern and top priority. And climate change? Obama’s administration was the one, after all, to elevate climate change to the level of a national security issue, pressing military leaders to incorporate Green strategies in their missions and operations. Really, when you consider all that, the fact that Clinton, whose White House would certainly have mirrored Obama’s in terms of national security and military policy, received even 29 percent of the military vote at all.

Source: Right Wing News