Trump Just Signed Executive Order To ‘Keep Jobs In America’ 

Americans have been suffering for years as the folks in Washington have looked on, indifferent to the damaging effects their globalist policies have had on the people.

Companies have outsourced countless jobs and begged the government to provide them foreign workers at cut rates.

Our government has also undermined wages by importing millions of illegals to satisfy their donor’s lust for cheap labor. Working class Americans have been hardest hit, and it was Trump’s appeal to them that won him the election.

He’s heard their cries for help and a desire to get back to work, and this week, Trump signed an executive order to do just that.

As reported at the Independent Journal Review, President Donald Trump signed a new executive order in an effort to expand apprenticeship and vocational training.”

Trump said the new policy will help to restore the dignity of work.”

During his speech, the president was joined by governors from states that will be expanding apprenticeships as a result of the new policy.

He said that the program is a part of his plan to keep jobs in America, which was a major campaign promise.

Trump also put companies on alert during the speech, letting them know there will be a big price to pay if they think they can ship jobs overseas then try to sell their products in the US.

In closing, Trump praised all the governors, CEOs, and companies that plan to participate in the program saying, everybody who has worked so hard on this program, and everyone in the room–including the reports–God bless you, and God bless America.”

The apprenticeship program will allow folks to “earn while the learn.”

A giant obstacle that often prevents folks from going to college or learning a new trade is the fact that it takes a lot of time and money just to get into the classroom.

And if you are working while learning, it’s not the type of job you’ll be doing once your schooling is complete.

Assisting masters of the craft you plan to take up yourself is historically how things have been done.

You learned by watching and helping, earning money along the way.

Trump said that there are around 6 million skilled positions waiting to be filled, and thanks to this new policy, he’s providing the tools necessary for the working class to once again find fulfilling work.

Source: Independent Journal Review