Trump Getting Rid Of California’s Program For Illegals, Forcing Deportation

In the current year, there’s really no reason, other than the weather, for anyone to want to live in the failed state of California.

The state might as well be called Neo-Mexico, considering the fact the overwhelming majority of the population is from there.

The sad thing is, the invasion and Mexican reclamation of California has been made possible by left-wing politicians, all because they see it as a strategy to secure votes fro themselves.

And since Trump became president, lawmakers from the state have only become emboldened in the pursuit of their treasonous policies.

However, Trump is using the power of the federal government to turn the screw on the nation’s most disgraceful state, by making it more difficult for them to protect illegals.

As reported at Right Wing News, buried deep within Trump’s budget proposal, you’ll find strategic cuts targeting government subsidies to states that house prisoners who are not in the US legally.

For California, this is a huge loss, considering the large proportion of illegals that are inmates.

Cutting this program was tried unsuccessfully over 20 years ago, and even then, California’s governor at the time, Pete Wilson, whined about how unfair it was.

“The intent of federal law is unequivocal. The federal government must either reimburse the state at a fair rate for the incarceration of any undocumented inmate which it identifies or… take the burden of incarceration off the state’s hands,” Wilson said.

Boo hoo. How bout you leftists stop encouraging them to infiltrate the country in the first place.

Cutting this single program will save $210 million, and even better, make it more difficult for states to continue housing illegals, which will force them to hand them over to the feds for deportation.

California’s state government received $44.1 million in the 2015 federal budget year, according to Justice Department data.

Add to that another $12.8 million that was paid directly to California counties, with the largest local subsidy being the $3 million paid to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which is known for its protection of illegals.

Over a third of the entire program’s budget went to California, with no other state coming anywhere close to that.

Essentially, California’s obsession with left-wing ideology is costing taxpayers a ton, and not only that, it’s providing a sanctuary and gateway to invaders that hurt the US in many other ways.

Cutting this program is a giant middle finger to the state, and it should only be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Trump’s reprimands of the California circus.

There’s still a lot more that should be done. Let’s hope Trump ramps up the pressure and shuts off the valve of illegal immigration that flows from Mexico to California to the rest of the Union.

Source: Right Wing News

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