It’s ON! Trump And Netanyahu Join Forces — Retaliation IMMINENT!

Throughout the Obama administration, the Iranian government continued to grow and expand their nuclear capabilities.

President Obama repeatedly called on Iran to stop and on the international community to work with him diplomatically and through sanctions to stop Iran.

President Obama also made it quite clear to nations around the world that he would not adhere to his own “red lines,” and that they could simply keep pushing the limits.

In the first weeks of the Trump administration, Iran is testing the waters to see what this new administration means for them.

In recent weeks, Iran has provocatively launched missiles that were banned in the infamous Obama Iran deal.

They have taunted US naval vessels. And they have virtually ignored Trump when he said they were put “on notice.”

Western Journalism reported that President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are in close contact about Iran, a change from the previous administration.

President Trump reportedly called Netanyahu this past weekend following Iran’s latest provocations.

The two leaders spoke at length about the dangers posed by the nuclear deal with Iran and by Iran’s malevolent behavior in the region and about the need to work together to counter those dangers”, said Netanyahu’s media adviser.

The White House said that the two leaders “discussed the need to counter continuing threats and challenges facing the Middle East region.”

This latest conversation comes following the apparent targeting of a US naval vessel by Iranian Revolutionary Guard “fast-attack vessels.”

The USNS Invincible was sailing in the Strait of Hormuz with three British Royal Navy ships. The Iranian ship went within 600 yards of the US vessel causing it to change course.

The British ships were reportedly ignored leading to the conclusion that the US ship was targeted.

Despite calls for the Iranian ship to change course, no response was offered by the Iranians.

No shots were fired.

Israeli Minister Yuval Steinitz blames Russia for the Iranian military build-up.

He warns that “the Islamic Republic will have nuclear capable ballistic intercontinental missiles able to reach the United States within as little as two years if nothing is done.”

It is precisely for international crises such as this that President Trump was elected.

Gone are the days when our president apologizes for the US while allowing our enemies to build an arsenal to attack us.

Source: Western Journalism

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