State Urges Trump-Style Immigration CRACKDOWN…Liberals Are Furious!

It’s pretty much common knowledge that Donald Trump and President Obama don’t agree on what should be done about illegal immigrants.

Obama favors a welcome-them-all approach and has issued policies from the White House during his eight years that have tipped his amnesty hand on more than one occasion. But Trump?

The president-elect is a much more rule-of-law type of guy and has come out strong about opening America’s border doors to untold and uncontrolled numbers of illegals and refugees. He’s bluntly and boldly stated, in fact, he will be cracking down, and cracking down hard, on these instances of border crossers.

So what are states doing to respond? Some, like California, are already taking steps to thwart any incoming Trump-type rules and policies that moot their sanctuary statuses. Others, like Texas, have gone the other direction.

As the Huffington Post reported: “The state legislative session opened on Tuesday, with a conservative majority promising to push hard-line immigration measures that dovetail with the harsh stance that carried President-elect Donald Trump to the White House.”

Well, isn’t that refreshing. It’s kind of nice to know that rule-of-law is coming back to America and that there are states that simply want to make sure immigration, as a whole, is conducted in line with existing laws and policies, rather than being shaped and molded in line with personal views of special interest – read, amnesty-driven – groups. While some states have taken steps to overcome Trump’s crackdowns on sanctuary statuses, filing bills that outright promise to fight the federal oversight, it’s nice to know there’s at least one legislature, in Texas no less, where the president-elect’s announced immigration plan will be supported. Go Texas; may your legislation backing Trump be used as an example for other state legislatures around the nation.

Source: the Huffington Post