SHOCKING: Special Needs Man Kidnapped, Gagged, Beaten…By Racist Anti-Trump Thugs!

While the media has been focusing on Trump’s inauguration and his plans for the first 100 days of his time as president, an outrageous news story has broken that the establishment simply cannot ignore, although they are in damage control mode as it upsets their misleading narrative.

The disturbing video:

As reported at Info Wars, a few days ago, in Obama’s hometown of Chicago, 4 black teens kidnapped a special needs white man and tortured him live via Facebook. In the video, the thugs can be seen beating the man and cutting off his clothes, all the while bragging about their vile acts. One assailant can be heard saying, “f**k Donald Trump” and “f**k white people.”

This story has since gone viral and the media has been doing everything they can to paint it as kids just doing stupid stuff. The criminals, all 18 years old or older, have been arrested, and while there was initially hesitancy to charge them with a hate crime, the outrage surrounding the story forced them to concede and do it. They have also been charged with felony aggravated kidnapping, aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

The unnamed special needs man that was kidnapped was held for several days by one of the perpetrators, with whom he was apparently an acquaintance and supposed to be staying with over the weekend. His parents had filed a missing person’s report Monday when they hadn’t heard from their son all weekend and received text messages from someone “claiming to be holding him captive.”

A neighbor to the people holding the man complained about the noise next door, which resulted in the thugs kicking in their door and the police being called. The police came and found the kidnapped man wandering the street nearby, bloody and disorientated. They then discovered the video, put it all together, and promptly arrested the criminals.

Everyone knows that if the races were reversed and the same words were spoken about black people and Obama, the Left would be organizing rallies across the nation and drafting some kind of extra hate crime legislation in response. Race-baiters and tax-dodgers Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be stirring up racial animus, blaming white people as a group, and bemoaning the supposed continued existence of mass cultural racism. The media has done what they always do whenever these kinds of crimes occur. Downplay the incident, claim it’s not race related, and victim-blame white people, doing their best to paint the criminals in a sympathetic light and blame their actions on the specter of racism. It’s disgusting and cowardly how the media portrays these vile attacks. Whenever the roles are reversed, the media will run with the story 24/7 and make sure everyone in the country is made to feel guilty about the incident, despite the fact that such occurrences are far rarer than this kind. The brutality and extreme lack of empathy on display by these thugs is very disturbing, almost equally disturbing is our media’s pathetic attempts to brainwash Americans by playing down certain crimes and exaggerating others.

Source: Info Wars