Sessions EXPLODES! Drains The Swamp, Gives Pink Slips To…

President Trump promised many things on the campaign trail over the last two years. Among those promises was one to drain the swamp that has become Washington, DC.

The nation’s capital has become known for stalemates, bureaucracy, infighting and out of control spending.

As a successful businessman, Trump promised to bring to the White House the same skills that made his company a success.

In keeping with that commitment, Trump appointed Cabinet members sharing his view that Washington is broken.

A new way of doing things, a more efficient way of doing things, is sorely needed in the nation’s capital.

Allen B West reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is one of those Cabinet members who is cleaning house.

It started on March 13, when an executive order was issued demanding a plan to reorganize government functions and eliminate unnecessary agencies.”

Trump’s stated goal was to make government more efficient and more cost effective.

That means, in part, cutting payroll.

Following the president’s executive order, Sessions promptly fired all 46 prosecutors remaining from the Obama administration.

On Monday, Sessions took his next step.

Bizpac Review reported that he officially ended the partnership Monday between the Department of Justice and a group of independent advisors tasked with recommending uniform forensic science standards nationwide.”

The National Commission on Forensic Science was created in 2013 by President Barack Obama. It includes a panel of scientists, judges, crime lab managers and lawyers.”

Critics of the panel argue that their purpose is inherently flawed.

Environmental conditions in different states and in different seasons dictate different forensic methods.

We do not need a uniform set of forensic methods when the conditions under which they are performed are not uniform.

By firing the remaining Obama appointees and this panel that could actually harm criminal cases by mandating inappropriate forensic methods, Sessions has continued to fulfill Trump’s order to streamline his agency, cut costs and drain the swamp.

Hopefully, we can all look forward to more of this governmental diet.

Source: Allen B West