SWAMP DRAIN: Sessions On Firing Spree – Look Who Was Canned!

As the liberal elite in Washington continues their witch hunt against President Trump, let us not forget all that he has accomplished in only a few short months in office.

As promised, Trump has undone many of the executive orders issued by President Obama after he famously declared that he would bypass Congress and exert his authority through executive actions.

Also, as promised, Trump has begun the process of building the border wall along our southern border with Mexico to help secure our homeland.

Particularly noteworthy is that President Trump has accomplished these things with many Obama-era holdovers still serving in the government.

After eight years in office, Obama had done all he could to flood the federal government with like-minded individuals.

According to E Politics Info, Trump’s promise to drain the swamp is being carried out by those working for him.

This time, Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired more than 40 federal prosecutors appointed by President Obama. Sessions asked, “46 chief prosecutors to ‘ensure a uniform transition” and resign.  

Many federal prosecutors resigned following Trump’s election.

The remaining 46 were asked to resign to aid the transition. This is an important step in ensuring that the policies of the Obama administration come to an end.

Throughout his administration, Obama had consistently selected employees and ordered his cabinet officials to do the same, who shared his political views.

At the direction of the Obama Justice Department, they selectively chose which laws they would enforce and which they would ignore.

They highlighted any alleged wrongdoing of police and conservatives, calling for a federal investigation of almost every single one.

At the same time, they consistently gave criminals the benefit of the doubt and played into the victim mentality.

The lack of justice only fueled outrage on the part of groups such as Black Lives Matter and spurned the rise of professional protesters.

Now with Sessions in office and Obama’s prosecutors out, we can happily look forward to a Justice Department ruled not by politics but by the rule of law.

Source: E Politics Info