Boom! Treason Investigation Against Obama Opened…It’s OVER, Barack!

Obama’s supposed “signature” foreign policy achievement was the disastrous Iran Deal.

The president utilized his comrades in the media to craft deceitful narratives to sway public opinion on the deal by lying about its true nature.

But now that Obama can no longer hide the details of the deal, we’re beginning to find out just how bad an agreement it actually was.

As reported at Politico, Republican leaders of the House oversight committee have launched a massive investigation into the Obama administration’s treasonous handling of the Iran Deal.

They want to know whether or not the Obama administration, in trying to elicit support for the deal and a prisoner exchange with the Iranians, undermined a very important US counterproliferation effort to dismantle Iran’s weapons trafficking networks.

At least 13 Republican senators have demanded answers about Obama’s jeopardizing of US national security via his top-secret negotiations with Iran and subsequent lies about the contents of the deal.

A Politico investigation has already revealed that during their public rollout of the two deals, Obama and other key administration officials downplayed the threat posed by the Iranian traffickers they were freeing as part of the swap that also freed five Americans held by Iran.

Obama and his cronies acted as if the prisoners were merely civilians that were jailed for sanction reasons, yet many of them had actually been accused or convicted of charges stemming from their alleged involvement in clandestine networks

Networks that supply Iran with parts and technology for its weapons, ballistic missile and nuclear programs.

The Justice Department itself had characterized many of them as threats to national security, the investigation found.

So it’s clear that the Obama administration LIED to make the terms of the deal appear better than they were. Not only that, they released some very dangerous men, who could continue helping Iran achieve the nuclear capability they dream of.

Even while the deal was being crafted, it was clear Obama was lying to the public and trying to let the radicals in Tehran off easy.

He doesn’t care that his deal facilitates Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear bomb, only that it “appeared” like he was striking some kind of monumental deal at the time.

He’s a narcissist, so all he was looking for was praise and adulation, and if that meant being taken to the cleaners by Iranian negotiators, he was willing. But the US is and will continue to pay the price.

Iran is the largest exporter of terror on the planet, and they’ll continue to be so unabated as long as they think they can get away with it.

They’re still “secretly” pursing nukes, and destabilizing the region with their terrorist funding, and they won’t stop until someone forces them to.

This deal must be torn to shreds and the Iranians brought back to the negotiating table.

With Trump, we get a far better deal, one that prevents Iran from ever acquiring nukes, and also decimates their ability to fund terror abroad.

And Congress must press on with this investigation, so those responsible for this treasonous deal with be held to account for selling the American public a lie that does nothing but endanger them.

Source: Politico

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