WOW! Obama IGNORES Ft. Lauderdale…Does This Instead!

President Obama has always had a problem with appearing caring to the American people. He’s been largely tone deaf, in other words, on matters of national importance.

For instance, when an American was beheaded by ISIS at an overseas spot, Obama gave a breezy press conference to announce the development, then whisked off to the golf course to play a few rounds. The message to the public? Don’t bother me; I’ve got games to play.

Well, after eight years in the White House, Obama still hasn’t learned how to present the proper public imaging. Take the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting that left numerous dead and injured. You think he hurried on down to Florida to comfort victims and families, or at least stand in the airport and give a presser to show his concern?

No. From the White House, after strolling to the podium with Joe Biden, Obama spoke of the transition and the ascension of Donald Trump to the presidency and said his administration would follow the “professional” example of George W. Bush and make the move smooth.

Then he flew to Florida.

But not to visit the victims and families of Fort Lauderdale.

As Clash Daily reported: He had a wedding to attend, just down the road.

“President Barack Obama flew to Florida to attend the wedding of his longtime staffer and most frequent golf partner, just hours after his star-studded farewell bash came to an end at 4am,” the news blog wrote. “Obama arrived at the Jacksonville International Airport on Saturday just in time to see Marvin Nicholson, the White House trip director, and the president’s personal aide, marry the love of his life.”

Are you kidding me? This president has to be one of the coldest in American history. Think of all the times throughout his eight years we’ve seen shootings like this, horrific attacks and assaults, at spots around our nation. And what’s been Obama’s usual response? To press hard for gun control and to blame the Second Amendment. Guess he can’t even muster that lame response this time.

Source: Clash Daily