EXPOSED! SHOCKWAVES Sent Through Washington – Obama Hid MAJOR Incident From Public! 

With help from his lackeys in the press, Obama was able to hide many impeachable crimes.

Whether it was his orders to have the IRS target conservative groups or his treasonous capitulation to the Iranians, the failure-in-chief always received a pass.

However, now that he’s out of office, the Trump administration has peeked behind the curtain, and what they’ve found backs every conservative claim about the former president.

In particular, the latest uncovered Obama crime involves a hack that actually happened.

As reported at the Federalist Papers, during one of the most important weeks of negotiation over the Iran Deal, the State Department determined that the Iranians hacked their emails and social media accounts.

The attack occurred within days of the deal overcoming Congressional opposition in late September 2015.

That same week, Iranian officials and negotiators for the United States, as well as other world powers, had begun laying the groundwork for a series of agreements that would allow Tehran to meet previously determined implementation deadlines.

The “agreements” were nothing more than “secret side deals” and “loopholes” initially disclosed only to Congress.

When the Iranian cyber attack was revealed, it sent shockwaves throughout the State Department and private-contractor community working on issues related to Iran.

It’s still unclear if the top dogs at the State Department involved in the Iran negotiations were aware of the hack, and if either their personal or professional email accounts were jeopardized.

However, sources claim these officials were concerned about the hack, indicating they were aware, yet still continued the negotiations as if nothing happened.

Within hours of the Iran deal being greenlighted, Iran was already conducting cyberattacks against the very State Department that ensured passage of the [nuclear deal],” said Michael Pregent, a senior Middle East analyst at the Hudson Institute.

Acknowledging a cyberattack after the [nuclear deal] was greenlighted would be something that would immediately signal that it is a bad deal—that these are nefarious actors.”

Mark Dubowitz, the CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said Iran’s hacking of State Department personnel at such a critical period is just one of many of Iran’s malign activities that continued and the State Department essentially ignored while the Obama administration was working out the fine points of the nuclear deal.”

The Obama administration didn’t acknowledge it publicly out of fear that public outrage could threaten the nuclear deal,” he said.

This hack is a far bigger deal than any of the Russian hacking claims. The Obama administration deliberately hide these attack so it wouldn’t publicly undermine the terrible Iran Deal.

If the public had known that not only did Obama bend over backward for the terrorist-enablers in Tehran, but that he did it after being hacked by them, there’s no doubt public support would have dissolved.

But we all know that Obama was more concerned about his “legacy” and appearing to get things done than protecting the interests of the United States.

He knew the Iran Deal was bad for the US, but he also knew the media would spin its passage as a major diplomatic “success.”

But the revelation of this hack takes his betrayal to another level entirely, one that should see him drug before Congress to plead for forgiveness.

Republicans need to show some backbone and make the former president and his officials answer for selling out America to a cabal of Muslim radicals.

Source: Federalist Papers