WHOA! Another Russian Trail Exposed – Look Where It Led! Not To Trump But To… 

No matter how hard they try, the Left can’t seem to produce any concrete evidence that proves their flimsy claims about the Trump-Russia connection.

Every day on the news, it’s just more talk about how no “smoking gun” has been found, but that investigators are “almost” there.

But that’s been the claim for months now, and it appears that in the absence of evidence, these clowns are still going to perpetuate this lie until their propaganda has seeped into the minds of every American and become “truth.”

One of the leaders of the merry band of idiots pushing the Russia narrative and calling for Trump’s impeachment is Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters.

She’s become so unhinged that she’s even accusing other GOPers of colluding with Russia. She recently implied that Jason Chaffetz retiring from Congress was because he’s somehow covering something up.

As reported at EPoliticsInfo, Maxine might want to rethink her finger-pointing strategy and love affair with conspiracy theories because it appears that the only person with ties to Russia is her.

Throughout her pathetic career, Waters has been connected to the anti-American Workers World Party, which is a holdover communist group with ties to the Kremlin.

According to reports, Waters has worked with this group on at least 3 separate occasions, receiving an honorary position during each one.

Back in 2004, Waters took part in a rally organized by the International Action Center, an offshoot organization of the Workers World Party that opposes any use of military force by the US.

In 2005, Waters sent one of her aides, April Lawrence, to the party’s “Peace Conference” where Lawrence addressed the participants on the topic of social justice.

In 2009, Waters spoke at an event organized by the Michigan Coalition for Human Rights, which was chaired by Abayomi Azikiew, a board member of the group and organizer for the radical Workers World Party.

The Workers World Party doesn’t even bother hiding it’s pro-Russia views. During a Workers World Party meeting in 2014, Fred Goldstein, a leading member of the group, said that Now, we must look at things from the perspective of Moscow and Putin when it comes to war in Ukraine.

In another article from 2005, the Workers World publication praised Putin for standing up to “aggressive incursions” by the United States.

For years, Waters has consistently expressed a desire to implement communist style policies in the US. In 2009, she told the CEO of Shell Oil that she dreamed of a government takeover of the oil industry.

She also wants a complete government takeover of healthcare and massive tax increases to “spread the wealth.”

It’s amazing that someone with Waters’ history is allowed to utter such inane trip when she herself has such glaring ties to Russian groups.

But we’re supposed to believe her sincerity when she calls out Trump’s supposed ties and love for Putin, when she supports groups and policies that the Soviet Union pushed would be proud of.

I don’t think so, and neither does any American with any trace of intelligence and honesty.

Source: EPoliticsInfo