New IRS Scandal Investigation…Guess Who’s In The Hot Seat?

The transitional period between presidents can sometimes be turbulent. While Trump’s hasn’t been that rocky, there are still some Obama holdovers that refuse to vacate their positions.

They realize they have an ample opportunity to refuse to abide by tradition and stay in their posts. They’ll keep getting that easy paycheck, and if they’re fired, they’ll be made out as martyrs by the leftist media.

They’ll keep getting that easy paycheck, and if they’re fired, they’ll be made out as martyrs by the leftist media.

As reported at Mad World News, one of the biggest clowns remaining from Obama’s disastrous presidency is the IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, who has arrogantly refused to resign.

This despite be asked to step down during a Senate Finance Committee meeting where Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) directly asked him if he would since it’s been proven he discriminated against conservative non-profit groups.

Koskinen is still stinking up his post but the GOP has announced a bold strategy to force the criminal into early retirement.

According to Washington Free Beacon, House Republicans Peter Roskam (R-Ill) and Kevin Brady (R-TX) have just submitted an official request to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice, asking that a new investigation into the IRS targeting scandal be launched immediately.

The Committee’s nearly three-year investigation uncovered evidence of willful misconduct on the part of Ms. Lerner,” wrote Roskam and Brady.

Despite this fact, and for what many believe were purely partisan reasons, the prior administration refused to review Ms. Lerner’s misconduct.”

The Left has tried to bury the IRS scandal as deep as possible, which is why no one has been held accountable for the illegal scheme yet.

But Obama, Koskinen, Lerner, and all the cronies have ben put on notice that their skeletons are about to be ripped from the closet.

Despite mountains of evidence, the Obama DoJ refused to do anything about these crimes.

But with a new administration in charge, the GOP hopes that justice can finally be served.

The Committee found that Ms. Lerner used her position to improperly influence IRS action against conservative organizations, denying these groups due process and equal protection rights under the law,” the lawmakers said.

Lerner even attempted to impede the investigation into the incident by lying to officials.

So many crimes have been committed, yet no one is in jail. Once again proving that laws are for little people like you and me.

But with Sessions in charge at the DoJ, there is hope that law and order will be restored, and that these cronies won’t be allowed to get away with their persecution of conservatives.

Source: Mad World News