Over $550 MILLION In Social Security Funds Stolen…Look Who Did It! 

Few things are more enraging than when the government shamelessly wastes our hard-earned tax dollars.

While Republicans are very guilty in allowing the government to grow to the unprecedented size and exhibiting cowardice when it comes to cutting spending, there’s no question the Left is the more guilty of wasting money.

There isn’t a single, non-defense related program they aren’t willing to pour money into.

Of note is their unwillingness to reign in our out of control entitlement programs, which are on course to bankrupt the nation and steal away our children’s futures.

While refusing to reform these and other programs is bad enough, even worse is the rampant fraud they suffer from. Fraud which Democrats act like doesn’t exist.

A prime example of just how easy it is to defraud programs can be seen in the case of Eric Conn, a man that stole half a billion in Social Security funds.

As reported at EPolitics Info, former disability lawyer Eric Conn recently pled guilty for a long-running scheme to defraud the government of nearly $600 million in federal disability payments.

It seems our government is excellent at squeezing every cent of taxes out of us and wasting money, but not particularly good at noticing when a random guy from Kentucky steals half a billion.

Conn is a true con-man. His loathsome scheme saw him make big promises to get his clients in Floyd County, Kentucky the best disability and social security payments imaginable.

This repulsive character preyed upon the weak and needy, making false promises to secure a fortune for himself.

He pled guilty on March 24, and was released on bond and awaiting sentencing on July 14.

But this snake of a man decided that 10 to 14 years in prison were too many, and cut off his ankle monitor to flee the country.

“Conn’s ‘whereabouts are currently unknown,” according to David Habich, general counsel for FBI’s Louisville, Ky., office.

Former employees hinted that the criminal likely fled to Cuba to escape the possibility of extradition. The FBI is currently trying to find the man, having officially plastered his wanted poster on their site.

“It was totally predictable that he would flee,” said attorney Ned Pillersdorf, who represents some of Conn’s former clients. 

I was always shocked that, when he was arrested, he was actually allowed out on bond. And there has been a betting pool going on in Prestonsburg [Kentucky] on not if he would flee, but when.”

Government incompetence strikes again.

It’s as if they wanted him to escape. The guy stole hundreds of millions, of course, he stashed some away and would prefer living the good life outside of prison.

Conn’s case shows us all how inept the government is on many levels. They waste our money, don’t notice when people are stealing it, then allow the criminals to escape, a triple threat of failure.

Source: EPolitics Info