SHOCKING – Migrants Send STAGGERING Amounts Of Money To Home Countries, Very DISTURBING!

It’s no secret that the US has an immigration problem.

It’s been festering for years, and Americans are fed up with the government’s inaction. The issue is what propelled Trump to the presidency, and it’s what largely motivates conservatives.

Trump has already signed an executive order to jump-start the process of building the wall and has also unleashed ICE.

After being shackled for 8 years, I bet it feels good to actually be allowed to do one’s job.

But there is another problem that goes beyond these people being here illegally and taking jobs.

As reported at the American Lookout, remittances last year hit a new high in 2016, $69 billion.

This is an astronomical number and it’s simply unacceptable to have so many migrants here that it could be so high.

Most of this money is going straight to Mexico, which has grown increasingly reliant on the funds. This is why they openly encourage their citizens to immigrate, legally or illegally.

Because not only does it give the government one less poor person to worry about, they become a net gain because they send money back to Mexico, which is then used to make purchases in their economy.

Nearly two-thirds of all Mexicans in the US are wiring funds back to Mexico.

Remittances account for about 2 percent of Mexico’s GDP. But for El Salvador and Honduras, they make up 20 percent.

To fund the wall, Trump proposed taxing or stopping remittances altogether while campaigning, and there have been whispers about the idea since he took office.

Either of these would be fantastic on multiple levels.

One, it would easily provide the funds to build the wall. Even better, it would also cause many illegals to self-deport.

The money saved from fewer illegals will fund the wall, too, so even if everyone left and there were no remittances to confiscate, more than enough money would be saved for the wall to be built.

If Trump will crack down on businesses that hire illegals and curb their use of welfare, these policies taken together would drastically improve our immigration situation.

Big problems require bold solutions. To fix our broken immigration system, it’s going to take decisive, strong action.

Trump is the man to lead the way, we just need the Republicans in Congress to get on board or get out of the way.

Source: American Lookout

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