Mexico THREATENS Trump Over Wall…Will Wage All Out WAR!

For decades, the rates of illegal immigration across our southern border have created problems in the United States.

Illegal immigrants coming from Mexico have cost the US taxpayers billions of dollars in welfare, public services and political strife. The nearly open flow of illegal drugs and violent gang members have further added to the burden placed on the US.

Mexico has largely failed to curb the problem from their side. Perhaps they are quite content to see these people leave their country.

Certainly, there are some immigrants who, as liberals are quick to remind us, are just trying to find a better life. But there are also many who seek to do us harm. That is the premise behind President Trump’s plans to build a border wall along the US-Mexico border.

Allen B. West reports that Mexico is vowing to fight back if Trump follows through on building the border wall as planned. Mexico, which calls the construction of the wall a “hostile act,” promises a legal war if plans continue.

According to CNS News, “Mexico’s foreign secretary is planning an all-out legal assault on any future construction of a border wall by the U.S., to include filing suits in U.S. and international courts over possible environmental, human rights and international treaty violations.”

He added that Mexico will not pay for the wall or cooperate in any way in the building of the wall.

We won’t contribute in any manner, directly or indirectly or financially, or in any other form, to the continuation of a construction of a wall or any other type of physical barrier between our two countries,” Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray said.

“[The wall] also is not going to fulfill the objectives that it raises, is not only an aggravating action, but it seems to be frankly a bad idea,” he added. Videgaray argued that the building of a border wall would be a “violation of the human rights of Mexicans in the United States.”

Breitbart reported that Videgaray argued that the United States must recognize that Mexico is a sovereign nation.

Of course, they do not share that same sentiment when it comes to our rights to secure our own borders.

Mexico must realize that the US can no longer foot the bill for their steady flow of illegal immigrants into our country. The time for Mexico to act has long passed. Now it is time for something to do be done, and Mexico must get on board or things will get much worse.

Source: Allen B. West