Intel Chief Drops One Line on Russian Hacking…It’s OVER Democrats! [Watch]

There has been a lot of back and forth between liberals and conservatives on the Russian hacking scandal.

Even though there has been no proof whatsoever offered by anyone in the White House, democrats are still blaming Russia for Hillary’s loss due to the exposed documents. Obama has even gone so far as to place sanctions on Russia without cause.

Someone who should definitely know if the Russian’s were behind the hacking would be the Director of National Intelligence, right?

Well, Intel Chief John Clapper was testifying before Congress in relation to the Russian hacking of the election, and he dropped a truth bomb on democrats with one short statement.

See it here:

He said, “They did not change any vote tallies or anything of that sort.”

That’s pretty cut and dry, but is Obama is still imposing sanctions, and the democrats still blaming Russia for losing the election. It’s time they just accept the defeat but we’re sure that won’t happen.

It makes us wonder how much more proof it will take for the democrats admit that Russia played no part in Hillary’s embarrassing loss. We think Hillary and company should be more concerned about the two newly opened cases brought against her over her own emails that were found on her private server. There was no proof, is no proof, and it doesn’t look like there will ever be proof that the Russian’s had anything to do with the election, and Donald J Trump won fair and square. In all their efforts to hurt Trump, it looks like all they accomplished was getting egg on their faces.

Source: IJR