INFURIATING: Muslims Hold SICKENING Meeting…They Admit We Were RIGHT All Along! [VIDEO]

I am not into conspiracy theories, and if I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I’d have to question it.

The left has been emphatic that all Muslims are not all radical, and that the Quran is full of teachings of love and acceptance.

Well, this is going to change their tune a bit. At a Muslim meeting held I Norway, where there is an open border policy toward immigrants of Muslim descent, they held a Muslim-only conference to talk about Islam and Muslim’s portrayal in the media.

This conference did not appear to have a purpose except to point out that all of them are radical because of their beliefs – following the Quran, segregation between sexes, stonings for adultery and rape incidences, and death to infidels.

Knowing that you are saying to yourself ‘Oh, sure they did’, I’ll just ask you to watch this video and see for yourself.

So this confirms how Muslim’s believe, as well as that they consider themselves radical, at least as far as our beliefs are concerned. It’s far different than Western culture, and I simply don’t see a way to coexist with their beliefs. Thank God that Donald Trump has put new immigration orders in place. The freeze on allowing any new immigrants to flood the country so it can be figured out exactly who we are allowing in the country which is a much-needed step – especially after seeing this video. Please pass this along to your leftist friends who still think that Muslim’s are not all extreme, or as they put it, radical.

Source: Yes I’m Right