POW! Trump Exposes Liberals…Reveals HUGE Lie Over Crackdown On Illegals! 

Whenever a conservative brings up the issue of illegal immigration, they’re also met with the same liberal talking points.

Some of those being that the poor illegals aren’t hurting anybody, not stealing jobs, or taking up government resources.

But all of these claims are demonstratively false, as long as one takes an honest look at the available date.

But seeing how the Left is allergic to honesty, debating this issue is often fruitless because it’s not about facts with them, but their petty feelings.

Even so, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to spread the truth about the dangers of immigration, both legal and illegal.

The facts are clearly on our side, and that gives us the opportunity to bring honest citizens to our side. And one of those facts is that illegals DO abuse our welfare system, despite claims to the contrary.

As reported at Allen B. West, Trump’s presidency alone has indirectly revealed a truth that the Left has always tried to hide–that illegals have been and are able to receive food stamps in large numbers.

A new report highlights that Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration has resulted in fewer illegals applying for food stamps out of fear they’ll be caught and deported.

Of course, liberal activists are upset about this, saying that’s it’s not fair because some legal residents that are eligible aren’t seeking assistance anymore because illegal relatives live with them. So they’re not taking any chances.

They don’t want to put their name and address on a form for a government public benefit out of fear that they’ll be sought out and asked to leave,” said Teresa Smith, executive director of Catholic Charities of Orange County, California. Good.

By cutting off all their lifelines, they’ll have no choice but to self-deport, which is part of Trump’s strategy.

But so what?

Those people are guilty of aiding a criminal, family member or not, and they would use our tax dollars to provide them with even more support at the expense of real Americans.

Mark Krikorian, a staunch critic of illegal immigration, said their situation reflects the fact that many people who come to the country lack the skills to earn enough money here.

It is an attempted moral blackmail to say ’If you Americans don’t give me your money, I can’t stay here and feed my children,’” he said.

Well, it’s your choice. No one made you sneak into the United States.”

That’s right, all these sob stories are a disgusting attempt to play on our feelings to make us buckle to the Left’s insane immigration agenda.

The reality is, for every story about an impoverished illegal, a hundred could be produced about an actual American. But, because illegals are the Left’s special status group, their situations matter.

They matter because they’re part of the treasonous plan to import non-skilled voters that will pull the lever for the Democrats because of their promise of citizenship and government handouts.

It’s perverse and must be stopped at all costs. Policies that foster self-deportation aren’t enough, we need real, physical removal of the illegals in this country now, before it’s too late.

Source: Allen B. West