Trump Just TERRIFIED Hillary And Barack With BOLD Move – Having Them Investigated For… 

If the rule of law truly mattered in America, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would both be behind bars.

But we know that the elite in this country, especially those that are liberals, are able to use their money and influence to both enrich themselves and get away with their crimes.

With Comey’s cowardly refusal to prosecute Clinton, and Trump’s seemingly indifference to her email scandal now, it was beginning to look like she’d never be held accountable.

However, there’s a last ditch effort underway to force both Hillary and Obama to own up to their crimes.

As reported at the American Conservative Herald, a letter has been sent to the House Select Committee on Intelligence requesting an investigation into an alleged conspiracy between Obama and Clinton to perpetuate the unproven allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Your read that right.

One of Trump’s former advisors, Carter Page, has called for an investigation concerning a left-wing effort to manufacture a scandal and use their allies in the media to undermine the Trump administration.

Page was one of the folks Obama illegally spied on during the campaign, yet no evidence has been produced to suggest Page is guilty of anything.

But Page, like many others, suspects that all this Russia nonsense is a coordinated effort by the Left to shift blame from Hillary and get Trump impeached.

Page’s statement on the issue says:

“Given the continuation of smoke and mirrors tactics seen in recent days, I would also urge the Committee to investigate the growing evidence of collusion between Clinton campaign associates, (former FBI Director James) Comey and other former Obama Administration officials.”

He added, “As you are probably aware, this began with the well-orchestrated pressure they sought to exert on the FBI to have me investigated last summer in the immediate wake of preliminary falsehoods from the 2016 Dodgy Dossier.”

Page isn’t the first to suggest this.

Jonathan Allen, who recently penned a book about Clinton’s campaign, talked to campaign insiders that substantiate Page’s claim, saying that the Russia narrative was planned.

“She wants to make sure all these narratives get spun the right way,” one longtime Clinton confidant was quoted in the book as saying.

According to Allen, within 24 hours of her defeat, senior campaign staffers John Podesta and Robby Mook hatched a plan to blame the loss on Russia hacking and the media’s supposedly “unfair” coverage of Hillary’s email crimes.

Rational people know this Russia business is a total lie. But with nonstop media coverage of it, many folks are being convinced. When you hear a lie long enough, it becomes true, and that’s the Left’s plan with this.

They think we’re all so stupid and easily manipulated, and the sad thing is, they’re mostly correct.

They’ve managed to shift people’s attention away from the real crimes and create an entirely false reality where their idols are innocent of any wrongdoing.

Hillary and Obama have thus far been able to avoid prosecution for their crimes.

But Hillary’s email server and Obama’s illegal spying will catch up to them eventually. It’s only a matter of time.

Source: American Conservative Herald