WHOA! Gingrich Compares Probe to Benghazi…What’s REALLY Going On!

The media’s concerted efforts to push the narrative that Russia hacked the election is one of the most disgusting displays of biased ‘journalism’ in modern times. They have deceptively written headlines that insinuate events that never happened actually occurred and spread lies and “fake news” aimed at undermining Trump. Liberals have shown themselves to be devoid of shame, as they continue to debase themselves in an attempt to blame anyone but themselves for Hillary’s defeat.

But not everyone is so susceptible to the Left’s deception. As reported at Newsmax, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, was on Fox News a few days ago, asking the questions liberal ‘journalists’ are supposed to by posing.

It is a total mess and people should be embarrassed about it. It’s a sign of how far our understanding of intelligence operations has declined.”

Gingrich said this in reference to the NBC getting a hold of the Russian hacking intelligence report before Trump had the chance to see and be briefed on it. He then talked about his time as speaker and how in his time, the US used to run “truly secret” operations where only a few people even knew about them.

Now, however, Newt bemoans the state of intelligence, where things that should be secret are now out in the open and leaked with impunity, all to score cheap political points.

Now the whole thing is a circus. Out in public, it’s all part of WikiLeaks and all part of whatever the latest news media thing is,” he lamented. NBC’ acquisition of the report before Trump is a scandal according to Gingrich and has called on the leaker to be found.

Why would you trust an agency which is giving a news organization the report before the president-elect?” the former speaker said.

Gingrich pointed out that only a week prior, Obama expelled Russian diplomats, before the report was even released. “What the hell is going on here? To what degree is this a political charade to allow Democrats to blame the Russians rather than Hillary [Clinton] for her defeat?”

He then questioned the timing of the Obama administration’s response to the supposed hacks, asking why had they waited to the “very last minute at the end of the Obama administration” to respond, rather than do something a year ago, when the hacks first came to light.

There are profoundly wrong things going on” and an obvious “abuse of the system” made apparent by how this entire debacle has been handled.

Newt is right. This entire charade is nothing but a coordinated effort by the leftist media and politicians to undercut Trump’s presidency. If the hacks were such a big deal, the president wouldn’t have waited weeks before he leaves office to acknowledge and respond to them. Nor would the media have ignored the issue. If Hillary had won, we would be hearing nothing about the ‘Russian hack,’ or, it would be used as an excuse to agitate for war, which Hillary seemed more than happy to do on the campaign trail and during her time as Secretary of State. Russia, regardless of their involvement, did not ‘hack’ the election. They, at most, hacked the DNC and exposed their corruption via the emails. That’s it, nothing more. The entire narrative is meant to delegitimize Trump, and it’s scary that the Left is so incapable of accepting defeat that they are willing to reignite the Cold War because of it. The politicization of our intelligence agencies is dangerous for America. Hopefully, Trump will clean house and realign these agencies’ focus on providing intelligence rather than being puppets for politicians.

Source: ZeroHedge