BOOM: FBI Revelation on Russian Hack…Trump Was Right!

Well, this is an interesting twist to the whole leftist “Russia hacked the election” argument that’s been making the media waves for weeks now.

First off, let’s be clear: The so-called hacking of the election is really just a skewing of truth by the left because the real story is that WikiLeaks released a bunch of emails that painted Hillary Clinton’s associates and aides in negative lights. And those emails came from the Democratic National Committee, by way of a leak, according to WikiLeaks. But the left has chosen the use the mantra that the emails were hacked and that these emails then swayed voters from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump, and these emails were hacked by Russians, and they were hacked by Russia because Putin wanted his bestie Trump to win – and therefore, the whole election process was hacked.

You see the difference?

Now add to it the fact that there is no factual evidence to show Russia hacked anything – U.S. intel like the FBI and CIA can’t come to a consensus on what occurred – and you start to see how far out in left field the left has run with this story.

Anyhow, a new news item now shows that the left may be even farther out in left field than the above run-down indicates.

From Right Wing News: “A breaking news revelation has disclosed the possibility that the FBI did not actually examine any DNC servers in order to declare them hacked by the Russians. Call me crazy, but if you claim that a country hacked the DNC servers, then shouldn’t you look at the servers and see if there’s any evidence whatsoever?”

Well call us all crazy – but that does indeed seem to be a logical assumption.

So here’s what’s emerging as the truth in this whole story: Donald Trump is right.

Trump has fought back on the hacking accusations all along, saying the left, from President Obama on down, is only trying to thwart his presidency before it even begins and make it seem like his whole win was nothing but political scandal. And how it looks like that’s actually what has been taking place, with the aid and assistance of a complicit media that hates Trump anyway. Note to FBI: You might want to go back to detective school and relearn the basic skills of investigation, starting with the simple principle of, say, visiting the scene of a crime before drawing conclusions. The one good thing to come from these revelations is that maybe now we can all move on and accept that Trump is the duly elected president. Oh wait, make that two good things to learn. Trump’s suggested the intel communities have become infiltrated and tainted by politics. Once again, it could very well soon be concluded, he’s right.

Source: Right Wing News