DISTURBING: The Government’s Unforgivable Cover-Up…The Sad Statistics

The federal government is under fire for a cover-up – and strangely enough, it’s the Huffington Post that posted the news.

Why’s that odd? Well, because the Huffington Post loves Obama, Obama’s still the president so the cover-up occurred under his administration, and the news blog hates Donald Trump so much it included an editor’s note at the bottom of all Trump-related stories calling out the president-elect as a misogynist, sexist, racist and worse. So a Huffington Post piece critical of its golden boy Obama, when it’s so obviously chomping at the bit to take down Trump, is definitely newsworthy in itself.

But then you read what the supposed cover-up is about, and all starts to make sense.

“The USG conceals from its soldiers the risk of suicide or self-destructive behavior connected with fighting in our nine ongoing presidential wars not in self-defense that entail grisly killings of women and children: Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Al Qaeda and ISIS,” the Huffington Post reported.

And with that, it’s realized: It’s the military. So, of course, the left wants to discredit it.

But once again, that to the side, the Huffington Post reported: “According to estimates of the National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide and the Department of Veterans Affairs, 7,400-8,000 veterans are committing suicide annually. Their risk is said by the VA to be 21 percent higher than among the civilian population. VA estimates place the annual risk of PTSD among veterans at between 10-20 percent depending on the war.”

And the big takeaway – the big cover-up?

It’s in the recruiting process, the Huffington Post reported.

Recruiters ought to be required to offer a warning of the risks of war and potential for suicide.

“For the USG to lure men and women into the armed forces without full disclosure of the hazards of service is morally indefensible,” the Huffington Post said.

Maybe a similar warning ought to be issued before writers take jobs at left-leaning media outlets. Something like this perhaps: Warning: Acceptance of a position at this place of business, where most all journalists vote Democrat, could have serious consequences on your ability to think clearly and maintain a logical outlook.

Source: the Huffington Post