DISGUSTING: Obama’s Pardon Frenzy…The List!

President Obama’s been wildly busy these last few weeks, seemingly trying to thwart Donald Trump’s presidency with numerous kinds of allegations about Russia and all.

In between, he’s managed quite a few releases of detainees from Guantanamo Bay, angering those in the intelligence community and national security world who say such let-go’s aren’t going to benefit American in any sort of long run.

But now Obama’s got a new trick up his sleeve, it seems.

“A Rastafarian prophet, a former Taliban captive and thousands of minor drug traffickers have one thing in common: Their names have been submitted to President Barack Obama for clemency before he leaves office in two weeks,” AFP reported.

In other words: Get ready for a slew of pardons.

If Obama can empty out Gitmo before he leaves the White House, then he won’t hesitate to empty the prison cells in the nation as much as possible, either.

One name that’s sure to emerge as a strong contender for the left-leaning crowd: Bowe Bergdahl, the former U.S. Army sergeant-turned-private who was supposedly captured by Taliban members and held for five years, but who, as it turns out, is due to be court-martialed for desertion.

Prepare for the spin. The left-leaning media is going to no doubt paint these prison inmates as the poor downtrodden, the suffering class, the victims who deserve leniency and freedom. But let’s not forget why they’re there in the first place. Men died trying to save Bergdahl, for instance. And a nation, at first glance, mourned what was initially reported as the terrible conditions of his capture. But it was all smoke and mirrors. Also on the list for Obama to possible pardon: Edward Snowden, who opened America’s eyes to the depths of the U.S. surveillance program on innocent Americans, and Bradley-turned-Chelsea Manning, the man-now-woman who’s serving a 35 years sentence for releasing sensitive military documents to the public, during which he found his inner self as a woman — at taxpayer’s expense, of course. If Obama had to pick one, a betting liberal would go with Manning, and the chance to get the transgender cheers and the LGBTQ support.

Source: AFP