Dad Catches Syrian Refugee Raping His Daughter…That’s When Nature Takes Over!

It’s an open secret that the influx of ‘refugees’ and ‘migrants’ into Europe has brought about a massive surge in crime.

In fact, Germany has seen 25 reported sexual assaults by Muslim refugees in just the first 10 days of 2017!

Despite the media’s best efforts to cover up and apologize for Muslim violence, a story will trickle through every now and then.

The latest scandal to get by the leftist media censures involves a Muslim man beating and attempting to rape a 23-year old German girl. Luckily, this one has a better ending than most…with a little karmic justice to boot!

In Kleve, Germany, the aforementioned girl was walking home when she noticed a man following her. Intelligently, she began switching sidewalks from one side of the road to another, noticing that the man would do the same. Fearful of her safety, she called her 57-year old father, telling him, “There’s a man following me home dad…..

(Germans march against the destruction of their culture by Muslim refugees)

By the time her father arrived on the scene, the Syrian man had already punched her nearly unconscious, and was ripping her clothes off as he drug her into the bushes.

As reported at Express, upon arrival, the father leapt into action, punching would-be rapist multiple times and dragging him off his injured daughter. After subduing the Muslim man, the father held him down while waiting for the police.

The “heavily intoxicated” Syrian asylum seeker was taken into custody and charged with assault and attempted sexual assault, while the girl was treated at a hospital and released.

This man in a hero,” said police.  “He saved his own daughter from something terrible happening to her.”

Events like this have become all too common across Europe, especially in Germany. Merkel and her sycophantic supporters have invited in a million young Muslim men who hold beliefs diametrically opposed to our cherished Western values.

(Germans are sick of the rapists and murderers that Merkel has invited into the country.)

While the bodies and crimes pile up, the media and politicians turn a blind eye, making disgusting excuses for migrant and “refugee” behavior. The media is more concerned with the supposed rise of “anti-Muslim” sentiment than they are with the dramatic increase in crime.

This is why events like Rotherham occur, where over a 16-year period, over 1,400 children were systematically groomed, trafficked, and raped by Muslim migrants in the UK, while the local government did nothing because it was afraid of appearing ‘Islamophobic.”

Unfortunately for Europeans (and even Americans), these events will continue until pressure forces a reversal of course, which even if done will require a Herculean effort to repair the damage already done.

The Left has become very proficient in the art of subverting Western society, and it’s about time the people rise up and cast of the oppressive yoke they have fastened about our necks.

Source: Mad World News


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