Obama Crony INDICTED By Feds — The HEINOUS Charges!

Democrats are up in arms over even the appearance of impropriety on the part of any Republican. But when it comes to their own, they have a different standard.

But when it comes to their own, they have a different standard.

We have seen this time and time again.

Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton. Benghazi. Fast and furious. No matter what a Democrat does, the mainstream media refuse to condemn.

That leaves us to wonder how they will report, and even if they will report, the latest Democrat scandal.

American Lookout reported that Rep. Corrine Brown (D-Fl.) is in serious legal trouble.

The Florida Congresswoman was reportedly involved with a charity that never registered as an official non-profit agency.

And to make matters worse, she may have financially benefitted from her involvement.

According to the Hill, Brownhas been indicted and will appear before a federal magistrate judge on Friday in Jacksonville.”

The charges against Brown are believed tostem from her involvement with a group in Virginia that advertised itself as a charity but was never a registered as a nonprofit.

The group was called One Door for Education.”

One Door for Education’s president pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud charges earlier in March.

Part of the president’s plea deal included a reference to a public official who was used in promotional materials for the group.”

It is believed that portion of the plea may have implicated Brown directly.

The president of the group also reportedly said thepublic official personally benefited from funds raised by the group.”

Over $150,000 of the funds raised by the group were reportedlyspent on political events, travel and hotels.”

Specific details about how Brown may have personally benefitted from her involvement with the group remains unknown.

It is believed that Brown will plead not guilty.

Her staff has reportedly indicated that they are confident that Brown will come out of this unscathed.

If she is anything like her Democratic predecessors, she most definitely will.

Source: American Lookout

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