Trump Demands Apology From Media For Fake News, CNN Reporter Angrily Responds

Over the past year, the Left has been pushing the “fake news” meme as a means to discredit news stories that don’t align with the liberal narrative.

This has, in turn, initiated an ideological information war, with the both sides of the political spectrum fighting to gain the trust of the public.

But the Left’s near complete control of all things media has made it very difficult for conservatives to combat the claims that their news is “fake.”

However, the way to beat the Left at their own game is to fight fire with fire by pointing out their rank hypocrisy and lies.

As reported at the American Lookout, despite claiming that fake news is threatening democracy, one CNN reporter recently changed his tune about its existence after Trump called them out for their propaganda.

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted, Fake News is at an all time high. Where is their apology to me for all of the incorrect stories???

Resident CNN clown, Chris Cillizza, responded, “Name a story that is “fake” or “incorrect.”
“You can’t just make a blanket assertion without ANY specifics.”

Well, Chris, how about these few examples:

1. Comey wasn’t granted more resources for investigation (he never asked for them)

2. Trump is going to live tweet during Comey hearing (he didn’t)

3. Trump pulled the MLK bust out of White House (he didn’t)

4. Trump dossier is true (it was a fabrication)

5. Flynn is spilling the beans on Trump (patently false)

And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

The liberal media has been assaulting Trump with fake news stories daily, trying to turn the public against him.

After all his hand-wringing about conservative propaganda and fake news, Cillizza, one of the many purveyors of the Left’s lies, has the audacity to suddenly pretend this phenomenon doesn’t even exist.

How convenient.

So it appears that fake news is a problem until the president punches back against the slanderous lies being written about him.

Then, it’s just Trump being insecure and unable to take media criticism. They can’t have it both ways.

But that’s exactly how the Left always tries to have it.

This fake news nonsense is out of control, as is the liberal media’s betrayal of America.

They’ve proven that they’ll tell any lie and do anything to acquire political power, which is precisely why we must fight with everything we have to prevent that from happening.

Source: American Lookout