WHOA! Hillary Resurfaces…Takes A Jab At Trump Over His…

It’s almost like a good game of “Where’s Waldo?” That’s what comes to mind when trying to pinpoint the location of Hillary Clinton in recent times, anyway.

It’s true, the former secretary of State and failed presidential candidate hasn’t been seen in public since her devastating loss to Donald Trump on election night. And most of what’s been written about her doings and comings and goings has been second- or third-hand talk, at best, aimed at giving a little bit of gossipy insight into how the Democrat’s heir apparent to the White House is suffering her failure.

But finally, Clinton did make an actual public appearance.

She gave a speech just this week to talk about the power of diplomacy, something she has suggested in several prior public statements that is woefully lacking in Trump. And while she never mentioned Trump by name, the watching world knew who she was talking about, just the same.

“Diplomacy is one of the greatest forces for peace, prosperity and progress the world has ever known,” Clinton told dignitaries and donors gathered at the new U.S. Diplomacy Center pavilion, the Associated Press reported.

And as the AP also found: “Clinton’s short address at the opening of a new State Department museum was a rebuke of the president-elect, who’s already broken decades of diplomatic protocol through his interactions with foreign leaders during his transition.”

Yes, let’s just see about that. The museum’s meant to promote American diplomacy. Clinton was speaking before an audience of dignitaries, whose whole reason for being is to speak diplomatically. Clinton’s past stated views of Trump have frequently focused on what she described as his failing capacity to use diplomatic language, or suggest policies and platforms rooted in diplomacy, and that his entire being just screams Not Diplomatic. And, it’s Trump who is about to take over the White House, riding a wave of very – in the minds of the left – undiplomatic statements about other nations and other nations’ governments. Hmm, you think Clinton was side-stabbing Trump, hoping to get her attack across in a subtle manner? Methinks so. Passive-aggression, meet Hillary. And meanwhile, White House, meet Trump.

Source: the Associated Press