Clinton Crony Drops EYE-OPENING News On Hillary’s Future Plans! Can You Believe THIS?

Trump’s presidential victory was very sweet indeed, but the cherry on top was the fact that it was Hillary he defeated.

With unprecedented media coordination on her side, and a sitting president using his power to undermine the Republican challenger, Clinton still found a way to lose–for the second time.

Ever since the polls swung for Trump that night, rumors have been circulating about Hillary running for a third time in 2020.

She’s yet to give a concrete answer, but insiders are starting to suspect that another run is part of her future plans.

As reported at the Conservative Tribune, Fox Business claimed this week that Doug Schoen, a source close to the Clintons, believes Hillary will run in 2020.

Speaking with Fox News journalist Stuart Varney, Schoen explained that based on the speeches she’s been giving lately, it appears Clinton is already in campaign mode.

Even if it’s only in her own mind, she is running,” Shoen said.

I was at an event with her and Bill Clinton last week and she made it very clear that she’s back in the game,” he explained.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Why can’t this washed up old crone do us all a favor and just go away?

Clinton has emerged from hiding in recent weeks, telling reporters that the only reason she lost was because of Comey and the Russians.

She’s also been highly critical of Trump, lashing out with all sorts of insults and slanderous lies.

The lapdog media has been loving her reemergence into the spotlight, as they still consider her the rightful president, and are keen to trot her out to bash Trump whenever possible.

But her insistence on shifting blame for defeat has caused some on the Left to be concerned that Hillary hasn’t learned any lessons from her second defeat.

Shoen commented on her excuses say, You can say you’ve made mistakes. I think it’s one of the keys to being a successful leader, is to understand and communicate what your failings have been, but she just blames everybody else.”

In Hillary’s mind, she’s incapable of making mistakes.

She thinks the White House is her birthright, and that she’s infallible, so her not being victorious has to be someone else’s fault.

Which is precisely why we should encourage the Democrats to back her again in 2020.

No one on the Left understands why they lost to Trump, so what better than face an out-of-touch loser candidate once more that’s one of the must unlikeable politicians in recent memory.

Source: Conservative Tribune