Chris Christie’s Fall Was Spectacular…But Is Trump Plotting His TRIUMPHANT Return?

Poor Chris Christie. The New Jersey governor once seemed fated on a path of Republican stardom.

He was the guy who took on the teachers’ unions even before Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin, took on the teachers’ unions. Remember Christie’s widely watched cut-down of a teacher who dared to criticize him openly during a town hall gathering? Yeah, that was his golden hey-day of politicking, back when conservatives thought he was brave and bold and unafraid to speak his mind.

Nowadays, Christie, still fighting off a negative rating from a bridge closing scandal that occurred years ago, and still smarting from his down-in-flames loss on the primary campaign trail for president, has some new wounds to lick, it seems.

Christie, described at one time as a true-blue Donald Trump fan and friend, seems to have lost the luck of the draw when it came to realizing a slot in the president-elect’s new administration.

Or, as the Associated Press put it: “As the last of the top jobs in the Trump administration are handed out in Washington, Gov. Chris Christie is looking increasingly like the guy in ‘Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory’ who is told: ‘You get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!'”

Oh, that’s classic theater, right there. And it does seem to have some resemblance to Christie’s current plight, as his polled popularity numbers in New Jersey are falling off a bit, as well.

But Christie, like a lot of politicians, has a certain “comeback kid” element within him, as well. And though he fell from Trump’s favor during the transition period, and was booted from the president-elect’s transition team, Christie has been on a path of fence-mending with Trump, meeting with the president-elect in Trump Tower just a few days ago. So is an administrative position in the works for the New Jersey governor after all?

People familiar with the situation speaking to AP on condition of anonymity say yes.

Christie not only has an executive political background, having served as New Jersey’s governor for some time. But he’s a capable legal mind who worked hard as U.S. attorney general rooting out political corruption and taking on the politically powerful and entrenched.

He’s also overseen, with great success, devastations in his state, like Superstorm Sandy, that would have crippled lesser leaders.

So a looming White House role? Don’t rule it out. Politicians have a habit of sticking it to their competitors strong, and then, once winning, turning around and embracing these same individuals they once ripped and offering them inner-circle spots. Think Ben Carson, who once traded nasty barbs with Trump during primary campaign season but is now headed to the Housing and Urban Development department’s leading spot. So watch carefully the political tracks as they forge. Christie’s meeting at Trump Tower a week ago could very well turn into an announced political position in the next week. Stranger things have happened. And Christie and Trump at one time certainly shared a close relationship.

Source: the Associated Press