BREAKING: Chaffetz Makes YUGE Announcement On Investigation…Hillary Is Shaking In Her Pantsuit!

Just in case you think the investigation into Hillary Clinton has died alongside her hopes for the White House – think again.

The Republicans, remember, hold a clean-sweep of Capitol Hill – the House, the Senate, and soon enough, the White House.

And some in the party aren’t so willing to just let bygones be bygones and forget the fact that Clinton operated a home-based email server for secretary of State business and that the FBI found, in its investigation of the system, that she certainly did compromise security.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is going to keep on its investigation of Clinton.

Chairman Jason Chaffetz said, Buzzfeed reported: “This was never a political targeting from the beginning. Just because there’s a political election doesn’t mean it goes away. So of course I’m going to continue to pursue that.”

Clinton’s email server, which she operated out of her New York home, was used for quite a bit of her official State business and messaging. And it’s no secret by now that plenty of her correspondences were found to have been classified in nature.

But the basic issue comes down to this: If you or I had treated our top-government documents and correspondences so cavalierly, do you think we’d avoid prosecution or even jail?

Not a chance.

The investigation, in fact, would have been wrapped within a week or so, with federal agents feeding the press with summary statements like, “this was a classic example of mishandling of sensitive documents,” or “this was a cut and dry case, a blatant mishandling of documents in violation of privacy rules.”

One thing is clear: The media would’ve moved on from covering the case. Why? There would be nothing left to cover. The jail sentence would have wrapped the case!

Source: Buzzfeed