BOOM: On Obama’s Anti-Israel Move…Congress Moves Quickly!

You can tell President Obama’s on his way out the White House door – Republicans in Congress are starting to stand up to him.

No seriously, remember the years of the GOP conceding to Obama on seemingly every point, from raising the debt ceiling to ceding the fight on Obamacare to turning on tea party types and joining with Democrats to oust these constitutionally concerned from political power?

Guess those days are over – and it’s time to get Donald Trump tough, and actually fight for conservative principles. That’s how the Republican-controlled Congress seems to have responded to Obama’s latest progressive ploy, anyhow. When Obama ordered his U.S. ambassador to the United Nations to stand down and refrain from voting on a resolution that demanded Israel stop building in settlement areas – a move seen as a betrayal by Israel – the Republicans in the Senate rallied and fought.

Here’s what they did – and they even managed to get Democrats on board, as Right Wing News reported: “Congressional leaders believe the Obama administration plans to take further action against Israel before Donald Trump’s inauguration. But for right now, there is bipartisan outrage over the decision to help the United Nations craft a resolution that condemned Israel for allowing Jewish residents to build homes in Jerusalem. Obama’s about-face on the subject is a reversal of years of United States policy. In retaliation, Congress is looking into a number of punitive measures.”

So what are some of those punitive possibilities?

“They include cutting off funding for the United Nations, expelling Palestinian diplomats and cutting back ties to the countries that voted for the resolution,” the news blog wrote.

There’s an idea.

Vice president Joe Biden apparently had a hand in making sure the resolution passed the United Nations, with news reports this week revealing he called the president of Ukraine to ensure that country was on board with its passage.

Guess this time, Obama’s not going to get off scot-free, absent consequences.

Right Wing News reported, “Senator Ted Cruz is leading the rally to stop the Obama administration from further damaging the relationship between the United States and Israel, and expressed hope that things will improve under the Trump administration.”

Source: Right Wing News