Black Pastors On AG Pick Jeff Sessions…BOMBSHELL Dropped!

With inauguration looming, Trump’s appointees are undergoing the vetting process by Congress. While most should have no problem earning the nod, there are a few picks that the Left is intent on fighting.

One of the most contentious picks is Jeff Sessions, who if cleared, will be the new Attorney General. The liberal media has been attacking sessions constantly, claiming that he is a racist and practically a KKK member. Smearing Republican appointees is a cherished tradition for the Left, as they have made false claims and slandered many in the past, like Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork.

While the Left has attempted to drag non-existent skeletons out of Sessions’ closet, a group of black pastors decided that enough was enough and have defended Sessions from the litany of bogus claims.

On Monday, this group of black pastors lambasted opponents of Session’s nomination for lying about his past and character, saying that he shows “respect and care for people of all races.

As reported at USA Today, Evangelical Bishop Harry Jackson said at a news conference that “There is an attempt by some to demonize people and call them racist when there is actually no proof for it. Let me say clearly, Sen. Sessions is not a racist.”

While many Southern black groups stand opposed to Session’s nomination, the brave group refuses to be swayed by hollow accusations of racism from the Left.

Jackson, who is the pastor of Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Md. defended Session’s time as a US Attorney General in Alabama saying he “worked to bankrupt the KKK in Alabama with a $7 million judgment,” and also sought to desegregate the school system in Alabama.

One opponent, Desmond Meade, president of the civil rights group Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, bemoaned the supposed fact that Sessions has not spent enough of his life shilling for social justice in the black community.

When you talk about the position of attorney general of the United States, that is an extremely powerful position, and I think it is prudent to scrutinize any individual being considered,” Meade said.

He continued, “I don’t think that is a form of racism, and I’m weary of anyone that doesn’t have a sustained history of campaigning for civil rights. [Sessions] has not demonstrated a strong commitment to the restoration of civil rights.”

What “civil rights” Meade is talking about is anyone’s guess. This slander by the Left is par for the course. This is one of their favorite tactics, lob unfounded accusations to the public and act is if they are Gospel truth. It’s despicable and anti-American in every way. Character assassination should not be tolerated and if Democrat’s have an ounce of integrity, Sessions will be the next Attorney General of the United States.

Source: USA Today