EXPOSED! Barack’s Brother ACCIDENTALLY Received Pay For Play Money…Shows PROOF Obama Is A Crook!

A strange aspect of Barack Obama is how he practically has no family.

Unlike pretty much every president before him, there just aren’t many relatives around to provide any insight into the man Obama was before he entered the spotlight.

But believe it or not, Barack has a brother, not something many are aware since the media has covered up his existence.

That’s because Malik Obama isn’t a liberal nut job like his brother, and because he’s more than willing to spill Barack’s dirty secrets that the media don’t want you to know about.

As reported at Swamp Drain, Malik’s become a Twitter celebrity of sorts over the last year, as he jumped on the Trump train and openly started to criticize his brother.

But he took it a step further, revealing what appeared to be evidence of collusion between Obama and one of his donors.

Malik sent out a tweet that simply said, PAY TO PLAY,” with a picture attached of a check for $100,000 to the Obama Foundation from the Trehan Foundation.

The check was accidentally sent to Malik, who runs his own foundation that’s named after his father.

The check was meant for Barack and was sent by tech mogul Ranvir Trehan, who’s a trustee of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, a position he was appointed to by Obama.

The check seems to be a “repayment” for his appointment, a blatant thank you for giving him such a prestigious posting.

We know Obama was a huge proponent of pay to play politics, as he routinely handed out appointments and government funds to those who donated to his campaigns.

Whether it be appointing Trehan, or giving hundreds of millions to his “green energy” pals at the failed company Solyndra, Barack shamelessly rewarded his supporters.

But did this story ever make the mainstream news? Of source not.

The left-wing fools would never make their boy Barack look bad, even if direct evidence of his criminal activity emerged right before them.

Which is a shame, because Barry would look good in an orange jumpsuit.

Source: Swamp Drain