It’s Happened Again! Horrifying Ambush Attack Leaves Cop Disfigured, Hospitalized!

This is something one might expect in a Muslim-dominated country where it’s accepted, say, if women go outside their homes without the proper dress, they are victimized by acid.

But in America?

Even if police are on the hot list from Black Lives Matter-type protesters who think all cops are racist and even if law enforcement has been walking on eggshells lately, waiting and wondering where the next unwarranted attack on their blue-uniformed comrades is coming from, this is just evil and unexpected for America, by any measure.

“Authorities say a Norfolk police officer suffered significant injuries when a man threw a caustic substance in the officer’s face,” the Associated Press reported.

The police sergeant was apparently leaving a Dunkin Donuts and heading back to his parked patrol car when 51-year-old Patrick Bright of Virginia Beach walked toward him and tossed a substance into his face, then fled.

Police caught Bright a short time later and put him in jail, where he’s being held without bond.

But the officer sustained sizeable injuries to his eyes, face, neck and hands. The injuries, at least, aren’t life-threatening.

But what is going on with America’s culture that thinks it’s OK to attack a police officer? It wasn’t so long ago that police were the good guys, and that attacking one was a shocking story that resonated across the country. But now? These attacks on those who wear the uniform and serve and protect are becoming more and more commonplace. And it’s not a good path for the country to tread. Once law enforcement is fearful of enforcing law, well then, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out where that road leads.

Source: the Associated Press